Flashback Friday: Let's Go Crabbing

1983: Bucket-O-Crabs and Me- age 3


When I was younger we lived in Maryland. St Mary's City to be exact. We lived near Point Lookout, where the Chesepeake Bay meets the Potomac River. Down a long dirt road that flooded everytime heavy rains or hurricanes came near, a walk across the road from our house to the water. One thing I remember the most if crabbing. A short walk from our house, down the dirt road was a little bridge crossing over a marsh where the cattails grew. We- my parents, brother and me- would sit on that bridge and tie a piece of raw chicked to a string and drop it down into the water. Not long after we would pull up a crab or two. The best were the blue ones.

Some days we would row out into the water on our rowboat and pull up the crabtraps. Take tongs and throw them- if I remember correct- in a bucket. Here is my brother looking pretty scared if you ask me...

Photobucket Photobucket

I wish I could give this experience to my children. It is so different from the rod-and-reel fishing we do up in the Smokies. Besides crabs are so much more yummy! Maybe one day we will drive back up to Maryland- where the best crabcakes are made- and let them have a go a it.

~Sarah **a vegetarian with one exception- crabcakes**

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