How to Make a Cake

1. First you bake the cake. I made a yellow cake- plain old recipe I always use. Then I baked it in a small pyrex bowl, an oval shaped cake pan and 6 cupcakes.

2. Then you arrange the cakes in a fashion that suits your needs. And here is what you get... Looks sort of bear- like....


3. But it is not a bear. So next you add 2 cookies....(ears) it is looking a little more like it is supposed to.


4. Next you spend an awful long time kneading. A very long time. With crisco all over your hands and counter. Then you mix in the color of choice and knead some more. ANd what you are left with is fondant. If you don't know what that is you can look it up.

5. THEN very carefully roll out the fondant, making sure it does not stick to the counter, itself or the rolling pin. Then roll it all up on the rolling pin and hold it over the prepared cakes. Gently unroll the rolling pin, letting the fondant fall into place. It was about now that I was hearing..."Mommy, what IS that??" So it looks a little like a weird little alien boy....


***Now before I go on I would like to introduce you to Mousie....and the inspiration for this cake


So on to step 6: Roll out a couple fondant circles and wrap up the cookies and place them back on the body. Now the little alien boy looks a little more mouse like. ( I also pushed on the nose a bit to make it higher)


7. Add color. Mix more color into the fondant and knead again. Place on any features or decorations and you're done!

**********And since I know you are dying to see it here is the final product!!!**************

This is the first time I ever used fondant. So when I found a recipe for Marshmallow fondant I thought I would try it. It is pretty good. The commercial fondant is almost inedible. And there is buttercream underneath. It was fun to make though. And I hope he likes it tomorrow at his party. I can't believe my baby is 1....well not until Sunday....he's a baby for a few more days anyway....


  1. love the cake! You did a great job with the fondant. I can't believe it's your first time using it - and you Made it?! A++

    and, I love your Bingo. I forwarded the link to a few of my friends.

  2. As I am going through archive I see this lovely cake you made. :)
    Marshmallow fondant I will have to look up a recipe for that because your right store bought is gross.

  3. This is fantastic!! You did a wonderful job for first time using it!!