We live across the street from a place called Maple Lane Farms. In the fall it is a huge pumpkin patch and corn maze and a few years back they began offering strawberries in the Spring. Our berries are just starting to come in...our back patch is still recovering from the drought last year and something is eating them. We have lost all but one from back there....the boys go in for the night thinking they will be ready 'tomorrow' and when tomorrow comes they are gone or half eaten. The front patch seems to be doing wonderful, and we should have a lot with in a week or 2. A couple years back we were getting a pound or more a day from the back. But back to today....we decided to head over to the farm and get some fresh berries. The boys had a blast. It was so hard to stop picking! They had migrated down to the bottom of the patch and the whole walk back to the car they kept seeing "one last one" that HAD to be picked. I think we managed to keep it under 7 lbs though. It was fun. I would love to get our patch growing so well.

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Lakin was suprisingly good. He is in a collecting stage right now so he had a handful berries he carried around. He was a mess though, considering his berries were the smushy ones he found on the ground!But now I have berries for the freezer, to eat and maybe make ice cream.

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