With the collection of our Cabbage Butterfly caterpillars a few weeks ago we have had butterflies on the mind. We ended up with 5 all together....3 collected as chrysalises, one collected caterpillar and one that was tiny and newly hatched that hitched a ride on the leaf. The leaves lasted long enough for it to grow and form it's chrysalis....we are waiting on it still. The other 4 have popped out and flown away. And out of all 4 we have seen ZERO emerge. All but the first we could see the wings forming, we could see it loosening, but we missed them each time. One we checked every 5 minutes until I took a shower and Paul and the boys didn't check during those 20 was out when I got out. This last one it was SO close. I set it next to Rylan while he was eating breakfast and not 2 minutes after he got up did we see it hanging there- wings still wrinkled. It's nice to hear them call these butterflies by their names now. All of them actually- on our butterfly bushes outside we have spotted Tiger and Black Swallowtail, Monarch and Painted Lady.

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Since it is summer and I don't feel like being to creative we did a lapbook with no outside creativity on my part. All of it was from it was a nice little lapbook and it was for fun, took no time at all, but it was enjoyed by all....

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  1. my daughter loves that lapbook but, she also loves and adores butterflies. :)