Do you ever feel like you live in a zoo?

Biscuit, Blue, Chopper, Zoe, Stella, Leopold, Ice Cream, Purr, Paul Daddy, Socks, Hopper, Blackie, Big Wendy, Pink Wendy, Saddle Bags, Eunice, Bruto, Beaky, Bocky, Pigeon, Clover, Brownie, Dandelion, Brown Cow, Turk, Turkey Lurkey, Peepy, Peepers. Mean Blackie, Tall Blackie, Wendy, Peter, Lop,(not pictured- hermit crabs) Captain Crab, Carnival Crab, "Lakin's" Crab, and 2 un-named fish and tankfull of newly hatched Aquasaurs and a tadpole coming in the mail....

Not to mention the 4 boys who make the house a real zoo!

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