Ice Archeology


We were talking about the different types of scientists last week, Wednesday was Archeologist day. I have seen this project a couple of times, on a few different blogs over the past few weeks, and when I looked on my schedule I thought that it would be the perfect activity for a "dig".

It took a few days to prepare since I wanted the items fairly hidden. I covered the bottoms of 3 large containers with water and froze them. Then I placed more water and a few objects and froze again. I did this 3 times before topping with water. The items were just small ones from around the house. Mini-cars, pennies, buttons, shells, tiny plastic animals. etc.... Then I took them out on the back deck, where there was about 2 ft of shade handed them butter knives and forks and let them dig.


They concentrated very hard...


These were pretty solid blocks of ice and they had a blast breaking into it and finding the items inside. They've asked to do it again and I think next time I will be better prepared and bring out their hammers, some brushes, salt, maybe some water for them to see how different items work with the ice. But it's a great activity for a near 100 degree day.



  1. oh yeah - you gotta give them hammers! Bamming is one of Mr. Intensity's all-time favorite past-times:

    I was surprised, really, at how gentle he was the first time with the block of ice & hammer. Not anymore. it is super fun.

  2. We've had fun with ice too this summer! Sounds like you made yours more tricky, refreezing it.. I like that idea! We should try that again during this hot weather.