Annika's 2nd Birthday Party

 My little girl turns 2 years old this Saturday. Today we had family over to help celebrate. She had a ton of fun with all the balloons and being the center of attention. First with gifts:

Paul's grandmother got her this huge blanket with Dora on it. She wrapped herself up immediately with the rest of her gifts. 

Then it was cake time. I made cupcakes this year- again with no artificial food colorings. Just strawberries, blueberries and lemon curd added to the icing for the colors.


 And we sang, which she wasn't too thrilled about. I actually thought she might cry- which is totally something I would have done (or did) when I was younger.

But she recovered once we were done and she could blow out the candles.


Then just a whole lot of playtime. With lots of smiles and lots of giggles. 


  1. I'm still trying to get over the fact that she's TWO! Oh my gosh, I remember you posting when she was born!! Wow. What a fabulous special day - and what a lovely lil' girl she is!

  2. Happy birthday, Annika! Beautiful cupcakes.
    Zahana woke up this morning and said she was dreaming about you all last night.

  3. She's a doll! And the food looks yummy! Your husband has very strong genes! Most of your children favor him ALOT. Beautiful family.