National TaeKwonDo Tournament

This past weekend Cale, Cohen, and Lakin participated in a TaeKwonDo tournament in Montgomery, AL.

The 3 of them all ended up in different groups- which was nice and made for less sibling rivalry. 

The tournament consisted of them doing their current [purple belt] form and sparring.

Lakin placed 4th in sparring and 2nd in forms. Cohen won 3rd in forms. And Cale won 1st in forms. There was a mix-up with the names and another kid was awarded his trophy, but he should get it soon.

 We decided to stay the whole weekend in Montgomery as a mini-vacation. Lots of swimming in the hotel pool and we ended with a trip to the Montgomery Zoo.


Tae Kwon Do Blue Belt Testing

Cale Sparring:

Cohen sparring:

Cohen, Lakin, and Cale doing their blue belt form:

Cale, Cohen and Lakin sparring:



Kidding Season 2015: Zinnia and Zachary

Ivey delivered triplets in the evening on January 23rd. It was cold and freezing rain that day, and unfortunately, one doeling was barely breathing when we made it out to the barn.

The surviving doeling and buckling were both suffering from selenium deficiency and couldn't stand very well. We  gave them a shot of BoSe and had to go out to the barn every 3 hours all night to hold them up to eat, but by the morning they were up and eating on their own.

We will be keeping Zinnia  and Zachary will be for sale once they are weaned at 12 weeks.