Words! Lapbook

We finally finished this one!! It took a lot more work than I expected, and I am glad I went into the whole thing with a rough sketch of what I wanted to accomplish and where it would all go. I am also very glad I have kids who love to cut and glue! My goal was to have a sort of word book for the kids to use with their reading. As we were putting it together, my oldest was reading words to his 4 yr old brother while the 4 yr old read the words he could back, so I think it will accomplish my goal. I also plan to use it later if any particular group of words is causing trouble. Anyway, so here it is....

Here is what is inside (using 3 file folders)

  • The first small flap contains 5 pockets. 1 for each vowel. Each pocket has word cards for short CVC words.

  • the 2nd small flap has 6 minibooks made from word cards for the -ng and -nk words

  • The first large section is for the long A sounds: ea, ay, ei, ey, eigh, a_e and ai

  • The 3rd small flap has flaps for ar and or, along with a mini-poster for oy and oi

  • The 4th small flap has 3 pockets for the 3 pronunciations for -ed and words for "ea" with the short e sound

  • The 2nd large section has the long e sounds: e_e, e, ee, ei, ea, ie and ey/y. It also has the 3 "ch" sound and all of the "er" sounds

  • The 5th small flap has some of the silents: ph, wr, b, kn,gn and t

  • The 6th small flap has -ck and the voiced and unvoiced "th"

  • The 3rd large section has Long o sounds: oa, o, ow,oe, and o_e. And the "sh" sounds of sh, ti, si, ci

  • The 7th small flap has word card books fro au/aw and ow/ou

  • The 8th small flap has the 6 different pronunciations of -ough

  • The 4th large section has the long u sounds (and variations of it): u, ue, u_e, ui, ew, oo (and it's second pronunciation) aswell as contractions.

  • And the 5th large section, on the back, has the long I sounds: i, i_e, ie, y and igh. And -tch, -dge, wh and qu

Here are a few links to the online resources....the rest was all just me and Word.

oi/oy, au/aw ou/ow, long I, r-controlled and other vowel combinations were found here, and I used this site to print some of the word cards. The blank templates were from Homeschool Helper then cut and pasted into Word so I could edit them.

And here are some of the views of inside:

Miscellaneous Ramblings From My Home to Yours

  • This past Tuesday my oldest was awarded his Tiger Badge. He also got a few beads, 3 elective beads, and his weather belt loop and pin. They played a game at the meeting...blowing ping pong balls across the floor in a relay. Mine did not play. I don't blame him at all, and when his dad started trying to talk him into playing I told him to stop. I would never, in a million years play that game. It made me anxious just watching. And when I was six being forced to partake would have sent me into hysterics.

  • On the topic of scouts....I am very thankful for the wonderful cubmaster we have who talks to my son and completely ignores the fact that he is glaring, staring at the floor or itching to run and hide.

  • We worked on our phonogram lapbook this son has gotten a lot better at the dough, enough, through....words. But had trouble deciding if certain words ending in -ed sounded like -t or -d. And when it comes down to it, apparently so do I....there were supposed to be 4 of each (ed, d, or t) and when we sorted them all there were 4, 2 and when choosing the words I must not have pronouced correctly. Oops.

  • The highlight of the afternoon was cutting open the apple for lunch and finding all the seeds had sprouted tails. We planted all of them and they are in the window sill with the numerous seedling wating to be planted.

  • Today was a very rainy day, and I had 3 muddy boys who forgo taking a bath tonight.

  • And finally, I am done on the computer because my eye hurts....I am a very graceful person. You know the type who can't walk through a doorway without hitting it first, or the type to bruise her finger for 4 months by dropping a can of fruit on it. Back to my eye....during the dinner mayhem of everyone screaming at me, including the baby at my feet...I went to pick him up and hit my eye on one of our dining room chairs. It is swollen and bruised.....