Quiet On the Set!

I've mentioned painting scenery a couple times in the past few weeks. We've also been rehearsing. We've decided to put on a play- for the huge audience of 4 dads. This week we held our first dress rehearsal. We didn't get the scenery hung but the kids had their costumes together.

Scene 1:

The animals on the farm with the farmer and his wife...

and one mouse

Scene 2:

The Donkey, Cat, Dog and Rooster sing

and 3 scared Robbers

with plenty of dramatic flair

So, can you name that play?


Fishing With Dad

Fishing With Dad

Mine on Saturday...

Their's on Sunday

Happy Father's Day!


Fruits and Veggies

It's hot here. Too hot. And dry. Our grass is dry and crunchy, we have yet to mow the back yard this season, between the goats and the lack of rain, it isn't growing. But with a little help from the garden hose....

That was our first lemon cucumber. These little things are really good. Thanks to the late cold temperatures this year, the cucumber beetles are non-existent and we are having great cucumber harvest. I have about 10 in the refrigerator right now.

Squash bugs have been a little later than usual too. The plants are starting to fall, one by one. But I have a counter full of patty pan and zucchini squash in spite of the bugs.

Thanks to the early heat, our strawberries didn't have too long of a season. But our lemon tree is thriving in the sun. And most of the lemons are finally starting to turn yellow.

Last night, I felt like decorating. So I used the garden as my inspiration. These are to remember the strawberries and in anticipation of the lemons...

This is what Paul and I did in the evenings a couple weeks ago. Lots and lots of pea shells. Peas are cold loving plants, and definitely don't like the 90 degree heat, so they are gone...pulled up and butternut squash planted in their place.

More garden cookies....peas and tomatoes.

And a turtle, just because I thought he was cute.

And speaking of's my sweet pea:


Bud Ogle's Nature Trail

We went walking on Bud Ogle's Nature Trail this afternoon. And it was....full of nature :)

It's a pretty short walk, and the kids enjoyed finding all the markers and reading about each one

(family picture taken by my dad)

We saw a couple snakes....

and Paul found a bunch of tiny salamanders in a pool near the river. Lakin tried to catch them, but they were a bit too quick for him.

We found a larger one further down the trail...

It was pretty hot and sticky, especially with the baby packed on front, but it was a bit cooler in the mountain shade which made it the perfect place to be.


Townsend, TN

Our weekend in the mountains....

Cooling off in the mountain water.

Catching minnows and tadpoles

Celebrating 11 years (6-4-2000)


Getting rid of the float

and getting off the steps.

Fishing in the evening

...and napping in the evening...

catching lots of fish

until the sun went down

and wake up and fish some more.

...a big grin about the flower in her hand...

and when it got hot we headed back into the mountains