I have a confession. I don't like alphabet crafts. BUT Lakin has been seeming a little off lately, especially in the mornings while the others are doing their book work. And I will admit I have been seriously lacking in the preschool department. So....

P is for Penguin

D is for Dinosaur

B is for Butterfly

I think he will keep me accountable. He woke up every morning last week wanting to know what he was going to do that day.

Cale, Cohen and I made fingerprint critters....these are Cohen's. A cat, a butterfly, a couple little monsters....

Annika sat with Cale this day, she never took her eyes off of him. For over 15 min he sat there talking to her and making faces and noises at her.

And this one is just because I love her eyes.

I realized I had yet to take any of all of them together.

Rylan was being a little bit uncooperative. He wouldn't squish in with the group. We did interrupt him though- he's about 1/2 way through book 7 in the Guardian's of Ga'Hoole series. Cale's starting book 4. I am SO happy about this- the first time either of them have found something they will read outside of their 30 min a day required reading. I think it helps that their dad is reading the series along with them. Now I have about 7 more books to find an equally captivating series for them to read.


Fiber Arts

Today we went over to a friend's house to learn about natural fibers. First we met their rabbit and feel various fibers- both plant and animal. Then she showed the kids how to card the wool.

Then they each got a try.

While they were waiting for a turn with the carders, Sarah's daughter demonstrated how to use a drop spindle.

Which they also got to try out.

She also demonstrated how to use a spinning wheel

to turn the wool into yarn

Finally they all made felted balls.

Using needles to felt the balls

and we finished felting them with water once we got home.



It's been really nice here lately. You really can't beat 60s and 70s in February. Of course I fully expect winter to return, but for now we are enjoying being outdoors. Today's agenda: garden, chickens, goats.

Paul tilled up all of our garden beds so I can start planting. Peas, radishes and greens will go in tomorrow- assuming the little lady of the house allows me to do so.

Rylan raked them all smooth, ready for the chicken manure to be added.

Next order of business was mucking out the chicken house and spreading grass seed in the goats yard.
If we can keep the chickens- aka grass destroying machines- out of their yard they will have much more options on what to eat.

Of course I felt a little useless today....since this is what I looked like most of the afternoon.

It's hard to rake out the goats shed with her right there...

And because it's been's Annika. Almost 2 months old already.


Cookie Decorating With Kids

We had a Valentine's Day party at our house this week. My contribution to the crafts and activities was helping the kids decorate cookies for dessert.

Step 1: Outline

Step 2: Flood

Step 3: Adding extras

Fun for all ages

Here are most of their finished cookies

Other crafts were making heart-butterfly magnets

Love Rocks

and bags to hold Valentine's Cards. After the crafts we all swapped handmade cards.

(more pictures of our day at The Forest Room and Eclectic Momma )


The Week Before Valentine's Day

This past week I made cookies...

Lots and lots of cookies.

To be boxed up and packaged

and delivered across town and across the country.

With my extras I made samples of a design I've been wanting to try for a long time

and Valentine's for the boys

My last order was red velvet cupcakes. I tried one, since it was a new recipe. The cake was good. I might make it again....although I would make it "red" velvet cake and omit the red dye. No one should eat that much red food coloring. Ever.

They are pretty though. Maybe I will grow beets this year and make my own red food coloring.

Happy Valentine's Day!