The Birthday Boy


My littlest one

Turns 3 years old

Happy Birthday, Lakin!



The boys and I took a trip to my mom's house in Oklahoma last week.

14 hours in the car is a long time. But we made it without too many stops along the way.

We hung around the house mostly- taking walks, making popsicles, driving the tractor....

Loading rocks in to the tractor...

Dumping rocks out of the tractor....

They are boys, of course tractors are important! But some of them did take time out to help grandma plant some leeks...

Then they watched the the cement mixer pour and smooth concrete around the barn/workshop...

And make fresh pasta

And have an early birthday celebration for Lakin- who turns 3 tomorrow.



With baskets to find in the morning

And little blue eggs to collect

New shirts to model

Tables to set

and place 'cards' to arrange

And naps to take....

at the table, in the middle of Easter dinner, on his chair

And Nana to play with

Chickens to catch

Smiles to give

Oil to change

And motorcycles to drive

And a beautiful spring day to enjoy it all


Teeth and Theories of Extinction

Differences between herbivore and carnivore teeth

They each made a set of round, flat herbivore teeth and sharp, cone shaped carnivore teeth out of salt dough.

Then Rylan and Cale made a chart describing the different types of teeth and what they used them for. They also included a list of dinosaurs that had those specific types of teeth.

Theories if Extinction:

Cohen's mammal eating dinosaur's egg

Lakin's ark and flood

Rylan's meteor with tidal wave and dust everywhere

We also have a volcano which is made, but unpainted, and the scene unmade. Cale had a rough week last week and never got around to the thing he actually wanted to do.