Kidding Season 2015: Zinnia and Zachary

Ivey delivered triplets in the evening on January 23rd. It was cold and freezing rain that day, and unfortunately, one doeling was barely breathing when we made it out to the barn.

The surviving doeling and buckling were both suffering from selenium deficiency and couldn't stand very well. We  gave them a shot of BoSe and had to go out to the barn every 3 hours all night to hold them up to eat, but by the morning they were up and eating on their own.

We will be keeping Zinnia  and Zachary will be for sale once they are weaned at 12 weeks.


Kidding Season 2015: Dinah and Delilah

Our doe, Poppy, delivered twin doelings on January 17th.  She is a very skiddish doe with a past of being abused, so we are not able to handle her a ton.  She takes good care of her babies though.

This little black doe is Dinah. We will be retaining her in our herd this year.

Her sister's name, is Delilah, who will be up for sale when she reaches weaning age at about 12 weeks.

They follow their mother everywhere and are very vocal when they get "lost". They have enjoyed the warmer days, but do well on the cold January nights too.


Kidding Season 2015:Boxer and Boomer

Daisy delivered twin bucklings on January 16th. We found them cold and wet in the morning and she wanted nothing to do with them.

It was too cold and they were too weak to force her to keep them, so we brought them in the house.

Now, we've got 2 sweet bottle babies that follow us everywhere we go.

They hang out in the dog's yard at night and scamper around the yard during the day.

Luckily, we've had some warmer days where they can go out and socialize with the other goats.

The boys like to help bottle feed them, and are already trying to talk us into keeping them.

But they will be put up for sale in a few weeks, and will make great herdsires for another farm!