February Wrap-Up

This is what my month consisted of:

That's the cake I made for our Cub Scout's Blue and Gold Banquet. Then there was Valentine's Day, which meant a lot of this:

We did some fun stuff, like the children's museum

And playing in the mountain snow

But mostly it was baking.

And molding...

And carving...

But now it's about 6 weeks till the last frost. So it's time for this....

which makes me very happy.


The New 'Do

It's getting pretty close to hair cutting day around here....and when the hair gets long....this is what Cohen does after his bath.

It actually suits him quite well and I don't really want to cut it....He's very proud of his mohawk. He think he looks like George Balhan. (For those of you who do not live in a Monster Truck obsessed household, George Balhan is An Escalade's driver and he has a mohawk)

Cale has followed suit and combs his hair too. He likes to spike his straight back. He thinks he looks like Guy Fieri from the Food Network's Guy's Big Bite.

Does that tell you anything about their personal interests?

And we all like to play with the coloring and effects on iPhoto...


A Biography of Eddy Arnold

Lately Rylan has been spending a lot of his spare time listening to music. He gets CD's from the library. He bought CD's with the money his grandmother sent for Valentine's Day. He keeps the TV on Comcast's Music Choice channels. He spouts off when Eddie Rabbit was born, how much older or younger certain singers are than each other or his grandparents. He can ID most songs by Johnny Cash, Eddy Raven, Oak Ridge Boys, etc... You can see the classic country theme here. That's his favorite. He spends time listening to current country, going through Paul's CD collection listening to anything from Guns N Roses to Led Zepplin to 3 Doors Down and Nickelback. So while in the Oversized section at the library last week I took out a book on Classic Country. It had 1-2 page bios on various artists. Lots of pictures.

Since I have been wanting to work on his writing, I went with his current interests, figuring I would get less resistance.
His assignment was to pick a singer out of the book and read the bio. He told me what he thought was important as he read though it and I wrote it down in his words. Then he cut each of his sentences up into strips and read through them, taking out what didn't seem as important anymore and ordering them in a way that sounded good. Then he added an introduction and wrote down his facts. We went through and edited and he wrote his final draft.

He is going through the Dance Mat typing lessons right now and wants to type this after he learns all the letters.



With food from 8 countries




and lots of fun with friends...


Valentine's Day

Cohen has been bit by the Valentine's day crafting bug.
He's came to me a few days ago asking for 'those beads' to make hearts. It took a few minutes but eventually I figured out that he was asking for the beads and wire we used to make candy canes ornaments the Christmas before last. Lakin and him made a few each of these to give away and hang around the house.

The he asked to cut hearts. And he cut lots and lots of hearts. And made Valentine's faces for his friends and family.

Me? This has been my Valentine's activity....

So far I have made and decorated about 70. I have a dozen or so to go before I have filled all my orders and we can eat at our dining room table again.


Creative Discovery Museum

Paul happened to be off today, and since our previous plans of going in search of snow somewhere were spoiled with rain, we decided to head down to Chattanooga to the Creative Discovery Museum for the day.

We've been there a few times before and it is always a favorite. The water works and tunneling play area are at the first and we basically had it to ourselves for the first 30 minutes.

This was Lakin's first trip to this museum, since I was pregnant with him the last time we came.

One of Cohen and Lakin's faves?

As the man directing the activity said; "It's the cheapest toy around"

They spent a long time building towers taller than they were

They also spent a good deal of time in the dinosaur bone area using brushes to dig the bones out of a hug sand pit. And playing on the huge musical instruments and play-food and doctor area before going back to the water works and tunnels.