Greek Day

Last week we got together with some friends to do some activities on Ancient Greece.

We started off with Metric Olympics. With activities like the straw javelin...

and the right hand marble grab

and the left hand (or in this case 2 hand) sponge squeeze

They made an estimate on how far they could throw, how many grams of marbles and how many mL they could squeeze and then measured the actual. This used lots of team work!

Once we were done with the Olympics we took a break for lunch- stuffed pitas and Greek honey cake- then the kids drew and wrote on "wax tablets" (aka vegetable shortening)

And made batik paintings.

We finished the day with paper mosaics:

3 Weeks and Counting

37 weeks and 1 day:

She's measuring small still, under the 10th percentile in weight, but everything else looks good. So now I am being watched closely with talk of inducing at 39 weeks due to slow growth. I am feeling that she is just small....Cohen was my biggest baby at 7 lbs 7 oz past due and Rylan was 6lbs 13 oz at 41 weeks.

But we are mostly ready for her arrival. With new diapers to try out,

and a new sling.

Lakin is ready to meet HIS baby and seems to think she will be coming walking, talking and ready to open presents on Christmas morning. Rylan has started asking if it could be any day now- which I suppose it could, but I am thinking more along the lines of past her due date of December 13th.


Seeds and the Nutcracker

Last week we met with some friends to learn about seed dispersal. After a short video and discussing the different ways that plants get their seeds moving in nature, the kids explored various seed types.

Then they were presented with a challenge. To make their seed movable by wind.

Their seeds were almonds and they were given tape, scissors and paper to help them with their creations. As they finished they came to the fan to test and see if their seeds could travel by air. Then they went back to the drawing board if they were unhappy with the results.

Here is one of Cohen's- he eventually added a loop at the top to let the wind pass through, which helped his seed travel farther.

And Lakin's- he wanted a parachute, so I helped him make one.

Then we moved on to learning about The Nutcracker Ballet. I have fond memories of going to see The Nutcracker Ballet in Washington D.C as a child. I still have the sugar plum fairy and nutcracker Christmas ornaments I got one year. And I still listen to the Tchaikovsky Nutcracker CD often.

Reading The Nutcracker

To a very captive audience

Using a listening map

and instruments to play the different parts of the music.

For more information and other lesson plan ideas to go along with The Nutcracker visit Eclectic Momma.


The Witching Hour

So most parents know about the "witching hour." Usually this time tends to fall before dinner- the kids get crabby, hungry, etc. But not in my house. Here my kids go insanely wild. And it's not before dinner, but after. For half the year they go outside as soon as they finish eating and come back in at bath time, but now it gets dark and they have to go crazy inside.

Most years I just go to my room after awhile, or I will go crazy too. There is only so much of that energy I can take. But to be honest, at this point in my pregnancy I am pretty irritable and I can't handle it at all.

But for the past 3 nights I have had complete calm after dinner. My solution?

Tracing paper.

Seriously the best thing for my perfectionists who don't like to draw because it never turns out how they want. They have stacks of story books and animal encyclopedias on the table. And stacks of traced dinosaurs, sharks, book scenes and covers....

I'm not sure how long the interest will last, but I will enjoy it while I can!


Evening Chores

Due to the time change our evening chores now take place much earlier in the day....before dinner, instead of before bed. But with the weather being so nice right now, it's an enjoyable time getting out there with the animals...

Grazing goats....

AKA me taking pictures of them,

while the kids play in the yard.

they are calm enough with passing cars to enjoy the front yard now, which is much more green than the back.

Collecting the eggs

And throwing the chickens their corn. This is Lakin's favorite job. Ever.

Our rooster, Charlie, has a bum foot. His toe is swollen and he hasn't been coming out of the house. He won't eat from our bucket anymore either. We are hoping he will hang on and get better with some rest.

and finally grain and water for the goats

And everyone is ready to settle in for the night.


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