Naming the Farm

Over the past 6 months or so we have been trying to come up with a name for our farm and any various business ventures that will come from it in the future. It's been harder that I would have thought it to be. Partially because I am working with the such imaginative help of 4 young boys.

The fact that Thor, Scooter and Scout are always referred to as The Buck n' Boys prompted that to be added to the suggested farm name list by one of [my] boys.  Either that or Buckin' Boys Farm

 We thought about keeping with Morning Glory, since that is what I started back in TN, but back there our yard was covered with Morning Glories. Here? Not so much. 

We talked about how to include the various animals we plan on raising here.  And the possible products we might sell. Milk. Fiber. Chickens. Eggs. Produce. The boys brilliant name combining fiber and dairy? 

The Hairy Milk Farm

Sounds appealing, huh? They really wanted that one.

Then there are all those words, words used to describe the land around us, that could be added. Acres, Hill, Valley, Creek, Mountain....

So, after much deliberation....

We still don't have a name.

Oh well. Someday soon the perfect name will come to us. Either that we will procrastinate until we really need one and pick the best option on the list.

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  1. Lol ~ The Hairy Milk Farm is my particular favorite. ;)

  2. Hairy Milk Farm is hilarious! We have been trying to name ours too, but are not even close to finding something. Good luck!