Eggs and Spring

Today I hosted our annual MOMS Club Easter Egg hunt. I have hosted every year for the past 4. My kids look foward to it all year. They like the comfort of their own home and not having to rush around with a zillion other kids like they would if we went to a public event. This may be the end though....I have been a part of the local MOMS Club chapter for 4 years....since my second born was only 10 months old. I have served as Vice President for 3 of those years, and for the next 3 months I am interim President, since our current Pres has decided to resign and go back to work. As much as this group has helped me in the past few years...being a young parent, it is hard to find support as a Stay at Home Mom....and the solitude that sometimes comes with it. But now as my role has changed, and I have added the homeschool mom tag, it is about time to move on from this group. My older boys' friends haved moved on to school and have 'no time' all day, homework and just being tired. But today was a great day....lots of eggs, too much candy and adult conversation for me!

We spent most of the day outside. I love the Spring. I love the flowers. I love the tiny pea plants poking through the ground in my garden and as much as my husband dislikes them....I love dandelions. There was a time years and years ago when I wanted my wedding flowers to be dandelions and those little wild violets. So today we spent outside. I planted broccoli, and the kids played. They picked dandelions to feed the chickens and dug for worms for the same reason.


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