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We finally finished this one!! It took a lot more work than I expected, and I am glad I went into the whole thing with a rough sketch of what I wanted to accomplish and where it would all go. I am also very glad I have kids who love to cut and glue! My goal was to have a sort of word book for the kids to use with their reading. As we were putting it together, my oldest was reading words to his 4 yr old brother while the 4 yr old read the words he could back, so I think it will accomplish my goal. I also plan to use it later if any particular group of words is causing trouble. Anyway, so here it is....

Here is what is inside (using 3 file folders)

  • The first small flap contains 5 pockets. 1 for each vowel. Each pocket has word cards for short CVC words.

  • the 2nd small flap has 6 minibooks made from word cards for the -ng and -nk words

  • The first large section is for the long A sounds: ea, ay, ei, ey, eigh, a_e and ai

  • The 3rd small flap has flaps for ar and or, along with a mini-poster for oy and oi

  • The 4th small flap has 3 pockets for the 3 pronunciations for -ed and words for "ea" with the short e sound

  • The 2nd large section has the long e sounds: e_e, e, ee, ei, ea, ie and ey/y. It also has the 3 "ch" sound and all of the "er" sounds

  • The 5th small flap has some of the silents: ph, wr, b, kn,gn and t

  • The 6th small flap has -ck and the voiced and unvoiced "th"

  • The 3rd large section has Long o sounds: oa, o, ow,oe, and o_e. And the "sh" sounds of sh, ti, si, ci

  • The 7th small flap has word card books fro au/aw and ow/ou

  • The 8th small flap has the 6 different pronunciations of -ough

  • The 4th large section has the long u sounds (and variations of it): u, ue, u_e, ui, ew, oo (and it's second pronunciation) aswell as contractions.

  • And the 5th large section, on the back, has the long I sounds: i, i_e, ie, y and igh. And -tch, -dge, wh and qu

Here are a few links to the online resources....the rest was all just me and Word.

oi/oy, au/aw ou/ow, long I, r-controlled and other vowel combinations were found here, and I used this site to print some of the word cards. The blank templates were from Homeschool Helper then cut and pasted into Word so I could edit them.

And here are some of the views of inside:

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