A New Home

For the past couple weeks we've been collecting supplies to build a hoop house. A dual purpose hoop house. We got the new chicks back about 8 weeks ago and I was ready to move them out of our playroom after about 4 weeks, but we had no where to put them. The coop is full with the nearly 2-yr old chickens who we didn't want to give up until the new ones were closer to laying age. And they can't be housed together due to space and age and roosters. So....we built the hoop house- the chicks will get the ground all scratched up and ready to be planted it once they move out. We moved the chicks outside on Christmas morning into our old broody home and wrapped them in plastic to keep out the cold, which is where they stayed until this morning. There is a chance of rain today and the broody house is not leak proof. So to their new home they went...

And the boys were in chick-heaven. A week with out their babies was getting to be too much. I still am not sure how it is that we have ones that look identical to me yet they can tell them all apart....

We have Buff Orpingtons like Fluffington

and Flap

And Barred Rocks like Barty

Rhode Island Reds like Chestnut

We do have 5 Americauna's and I can tell them apart....Sage, Sassafras, Muffy...


and Raisin

We also have a few New Hampshire Reds, Black Stars and Red Stars...all with names too.


  1. I love the hoop house! wonderful stuff. Happy New year!

  2. I love it! That will be such nice soil when you get it back from those birdlings. :)

    Great pictures of your boys and the chickens too. I can't wait for spring when I get chickens again. For now, I must be satisfied with planning my garden beds.

    Love Val

  3. We'll get new chicks this year. I like the hoop house idea.