The Escape Artist

I am sure most people know that goats are known for their escape tactics. They can be hard to contain sometimes. We have a chain-link fence around 3 sides of their yard which contains them just fine, but on the fourth side we have a barely 4ft tall wire fence separating the goats from the dogs and chickens. And Bella likes to jump.

It started with running as fast as possible and running on all 4 legs sideways up the fence. Then she pushed really hard and bent the wire somewhat and half jumps, half climbs. She's very proficient now.

Yesterday Rylan came into my room and said 'There is a goat in the kitchen" and there has been twice so far today too. How is she breaking in to the house?

She watched the dogs come in and out while eating the bushes next to the deck...

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  1. That's a riot! If it's any consolation, my chickens are also proficient escape artists who will do anything to get into our house, and have on a few occasions, too!