Our Week in Pictures

We spent Sunday in Townsend with family- swimming and eating. Watermelon is a tradition. When we spend a summer holiday at the camper in Townsend with Paul's family, his grandmother always brings watermelon. The boys expect it.

Some eat it more neatly than others.

Cohen ended up with a seed in his nose at one point.

Monday morning was spent placing flags on the graves of veterans

Cohen was excited, as it was his first scouting event. He'll be a Tiger Cub this fall and is happy to finally be doing instead of watching.

Tuesday was more scenery painting.

We got a lot accomplished,

One done and

a good start on the second.

It's been really hot here. Mid-90s. So we have been spending most of the day indoors. Mornings and evenings are the bearable outside hours. But the boys spend time first thing every morning with the babies...

We made some string art stars...

And spent time in the garden. The tomatoes have recovered and are getting pretty big and bushy. Covered in flowers and little tiny green tomatoes.

We picked this zucchini last night, hail damage and all.

Patty pan squashes are starting to get bigger too.

And after searching the lower vines for growing cucumbers, we spotted this one about half way up the tee-pee. A couple more days and we can pick it.

And for the first time in I don't know how long, Paul has an entire weekend off. We plan to spend it in the mountains; swimming and fishing and hiking.

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  1. Looks like a great week! :) We've been enjoying tons of watermelon too, we all love it, but so far no one's had a seed up their nose... ;) Garden looks great, and it's always fun to find a hidden cucumber in there! Have a wonderful weekend! :)