Farm Chores and their Purpose

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  1. Princess Belle helps out around the house she is good at it and I think she will be a fabulous mom one day

  2. The whole "kids shouldn't do chores" thing drives me nuts too...and sometimes I think its a difference between people who have farms and people who don't? I can't imagine having a farm and everything that goes with it and telling your kids "Oh, you're a kid. You don't have to do anything. Go be a kid." I also don't understand the "kids have no time to be kids" argument. I always ask people who play that one with me "At what time in history would you like to me to go back to? You think kids who have chores now are so busy? Really? And you want them to go back to being kids?" I'm not sure what fantasy time they are thinking about. I don't know any time where kids haven't done chores and been a part of caring for the household...except, for apparently right now. GREAT POST! I agree wholeheartedly!