Field Trip Friday: Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education

I've been sick this week- as in possible pneumonia, hacking dry cough so much that my ribs ache and I can't sleep. So I sort of forgot about my Friday post. We didn't go anywhere this week, but I am sharing our side trip to the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education from the day we went to the Cradle of Forestry.

Behind the center is a trout hatchery, which the kids loved. Annika- and the boys- enjoyed feeding the fish and watching them splash all around.

They also have some trails and exhibits outside and an indoor movie and some aquariums of local wildlife inside.

Annika was pretty tired by the time we got here, so we didn't get to fully experience it, but we do plan to do back. They also offer free classes to kids and adults on topics like fishing and various wildlife.

Do you have a field trip to share this week? Please link up below!

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