The Virtual Art Show

 I've posted before how my boys love to enter the local state and country fairs each year. Normally they enter only a few choice categories, but this year they have set their goals high and want to enter just about everything. So in order to beat the procrastination that tends to run in this house, we have decided to dedicate the month of March to art. The local fair has 15 categories for Art ranging from watercolor to charcoal to mixed media.  So our plan was to do some sort of art, directed by me or self-directed each day. Here is look at some of the projects they worked on this week:

Cohen, Lakin and Cale worked with watercolors and painted these birds.

 We also worked with pen and ink on some Tangles. This is my kind of drawing.

The kids also worked independently on some projects. Cohen was also reminded not leave his half finished art work on the table because a certain little girl of the family will most certainly add her own art to it.

We had a slight set back during the week when Lakin ended up in the ER for stitches. He's doing fine now, with a bruised and sore ear, but it looks to be healing nicely.

Have your kids created any masterpieces this week? Link up below to show them off, I'd love to see them!

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  1. How in the world did Lakin tear his ear like that? Hope it healed without a problem. Reminded me of when my older brother had his ear cut by a fast flying puck while playing goalie at a hockey game. Boy did his ear swell up, looked like one of those fake ears you put on.