All About Me Lapbooks

I picked something sort of easy for our first project. Something they would find fun, but incorporated some of the information they need to know: full name, address, phone numbers etc. Most of this was review for my 2nd grader but not quite memorized for my Kindergartener. I also wanted to introduce the concept of history in thier own lives before we jump into the history of everything else.

The minibooks/parts included:

  • A self portrait

  • My Time Line, downloaded from somewhere but I can't remember where
  • a family tree- I c/p a clipart tree and drew the boxes I needed in Word

  • Likes and Dislikes

  • My Family

  • Measurements accordian book

  • graph of the above measurements
  • a person shape book taken from an Evan Moor Theme Pocket book, downloaded from Googlebooks. Name, age, height, right/left handed, boy/girl, etc

Most of the books were made by me. It was pretty simple. But they enjoyed working on it.

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