A little About Us

I have been blogging over at for almost a year. I may double blog for awhile before I decide which I like better.....

But for an introduction......

I am Sarah, a homeschooling mom to 4 boys. Rylan-7, Cale, 5, Cohen, 3 and Lakin 1. We are a houseful with 6 people, 7 cats, 3 dogs, 2 bunnies and 23 chickens- no the chickens aren't actually in our house. I guess you could say we are eclectic homeschoolers. I pull things from almost all schools of thought based only on how I think my children will learn best.

That is my little family in a very small nutshell....for more...go here:

To see our Lapbooks
To see some of our Homeschool
To see our Family

I may add some of my previous posts to this one over the next few weeks to fill up all of the empty space!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESSS.... WE ALMOST named our last baby Lakin!!! You are the only other person I know who has a child that name. It still ranks high for us if we should ever have another boy :)