Adventures with Tie-Dye

For Christmas this past year my dad and stepmother gave Rylan a tie-dying kit. I had put off doing it for awhile- when it was cold, since I would rather handle permanent dye outside than inside. But even when the weather turned nice and sunny I still put it off....4 kids, one of who doesn't like to get messy, one of who gets stained just standing there, and 2 who are too little to responsibly handle the dye....but I was reading on The Pirate Mom Dot Com yesterday about their tie-tye experience and thought we'd give it a go.... So I bound up the shirts- 9 total in various kids sizes and set them to soak in the soda ash solution. Then came the dye.
You would think I would put aprons on them, wouldn't you? They did well....and I was the only one with dye covered hands.

Then we wrapped them in plastic for 24 hours! That is an awful long time for impatient people to wait.

But time was up this afternoon and Cale helped me rinse and unbind them. Then we had to wash and dry them in the machines. So another 2 hours later here are the shirts:

I really like them, especially the spirally ones. I ended up with lots of extra dye so I made a shirt for me and even a couple pairs of underwear!

It wasn't nearly as much trouble as I anticipated and they all love thier shirts.


  1. Those are so cool. Where did your in laws get the kit? They turned out awesome.


  2. What an fun thing to do! I really like the way they turned out.

    Tie Dyed I gotta get me some of those!!

  3. How much fun is that!! I love the matchy matchy picture. You guys are so adorable! Great job boys!


  4. Nicely done! Camo underwear...the best use of camouflage I've ever seen.

  5. Sadie, ya'll look great in your matching tie-dye! I know Gerrick would love to do this--I so need to make myself get this project together. He even has some white undies that he never chooses to wear--bet he'd wear them tie-dyed! ;)

  6. We love tie dye and at one point our tradition was to give everyone in our family tie dyed onsies. For one birthday the theme was tie dye and everyone did a t-shirt. You guys did a fabulous job, so awesome!

  7. Looks like fun, but I don't know how you survive with 4 boys, I can barely survive one!

  8. Hi!
    Sorry haven't been able to read your blog lately we have been so busy and no time for me to get on the computer. I have some time this evening and wanted to catch up. I love your garden, I want one that grows like that. :) I also love all your sharing of vegetarian recipes it's so hard to find ones that taste good for my hubby to eat. I also love the shirts have thought and thought about doing tye die shirts but, haven't and just haven't had the time. Love the shirts. Great job. :)