Blueberry Picking!

On the way home from the mountains last Friday I drove by the local blueberry farm to see if they were open or had a sign out. They did and they were opening for the season today. We were all pretty excited since we have missed the season the past few years due to not paying attention to the dates. So we piled in the car this morning at 8 am and headed to the farm...

They gave us our buckets and belts and sent us on our way. The boys of course loved picking in here:

We picked for about an hour

Until Lakin wore out and wanted to be held.

But we got about 7 lbs of berries....ready for freezing and eating and baking.

Now I just have to go to the store for some items to make the pie they are begging me to make.


  1. That was the first thing Tera mentioned when I said we were going blueberry picking- PIE.

  2. We love blueberry picking...and when we moved last summer found outwe have abush in our back yard :)

  3. Fun! We're going Thursday. Also, we've been picking blackberries from the side of the road. We got enough for 2 cobblers and a pie; they're pretty sour though.

  4. Wow. Look at that pile of blueberries! I'm so jealous!

    We are just into strawberry season here in MN (it was a very cold spring) and I'm thinking that if it doesn't rain today--that's what we're going to go do.

    You got me all motivated to go picking!

  5. Blueberry pie... sounds wonderful!! You are a full month ahead of us in growning season. :)