Art and Science Day

Today we had a group of kids over to do some art and science activities. We started with art and a project using warm and cool colors and patterns.

First the kids divided up their papers with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.

Then they traced their handprints in the center of the paper. Inside their handprint they used 2 warm or 2 cool colors and outside their hands they did the opposite.

Here's the toddler table...

Hard at work

And the bigger kids...

They all did a fabulous job on their projects

As they finished we started them making plastic bag kites...

And after a discussion on wind and how it is made and some of its uses we made tornadoes in a jar using water, food coloring and dish soap.

Then shake it in a circular motion for 15 seconds or so...

And watch the tornado spin.

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  1. Great post, I just linked over to yours, since I forgot my camera anyway. Thanks for having us over.