This is the strawberry patch we planted last year to replace the old ones. I planted 50 plants in 3 rows. Then I let the runners take over. I probably should have taken some off and transplanted them, because my 3 neat rows are now a jungle. But that jungle is paying off.

I promised this year that I would not buy strawberries from the store. I told the boys that they had to wait until strawberry season when we could go to the farm and our own berries started coming in. A couple weeks ago ours started coming. First one basket, the next night 3. They are slowing down to 2 big baskets a night. That is about 5+ lbs a day.

This is what my hands look like every night.

And this is on my counter, ready for the chickens and ducks to fight over.

These are for dinner....and breakfast too.

And here is my freezer.

For the past week and a half I have put between 2-5 qt sized bags in the freezer a day. Now I just need to get a new blender so we can use them!


  1. I am soooo jealous! We are getting ready to plant our watermelons this week. Wish we were close enough to do a lil' trading. ENJOY!!

  2. Looks good. I could dive right in!

  3. That is awesome!! I wonder if I could grow those down south? I've always wanted a garden and strawberries would be the very best!

  4. oh wow, wonderful! I am envying your big garden, we have a garden, but not big enough to get all these strawberries!

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  6. Those look DELISH! Enjoy your harvest.

  7. AWESOME! I can't wait for next year when my crops will be taking over like that. What an amazing gift from the earth!!!!

    Love Val