Comets, Asteroids and Meteors

This week we studied comets, asteroids and meteors.

We made comets using our snow cone maker to shave the ice and form the ice core then added the outer dust and a tail.

Once they were frozen solid they took them outside to fly and melt.

And we made chocolate covered marshmallow/cereal balls as asteroids.

They had bits of rock (peanuts) and other debris (sprinkles) too.

We attempted to find micometeorites in our yard using magnets but we didn't find any. We did however find tons of micro-organisms and a few clear worms in the soil samples we brought it. And Lakin spent about an hour with the microscope looking at our prepared slides and making his own out of his hair and cheek cells....

Good thing earlier in the week the boys were up late getting home from Townsend and we decided to let them stay out for a few minutes to try and catch some of the Perseids Meteor shower. Paul and I were out on August 12th- which was supposed to be the peak- and saw about 15 in the 30 minutes we were watching. Rylan and Cale did see one or two before heading in to bed. So even though we didn't get to find any meteorites, at least we got to see some...


  1. Very cool, my dear! Would you share a meteorite-ball recipe with a rural gal so we could enjoy some meteorite goodness as well?

    We missed the meteor shower because of severe weather. It's been constant up here in MN and ridiculous! But we talked about it, which is TOTALLY not the same as getting to see it. Lame!

    Glad you guys got to see it and I hope the boys weren't bummed about not finding any particles! :-)

  2. The asteroid balls were basically rice crispy treats- but I used cheerios since rice crispie have a couple ingredients I don't like...covered in melted chocolate chips and sprinkled with nuts and silver sprinkles....