Welcome to the Carnival

This past Sunday we had Rylan, Cale and Cohen's birthday party. This is the first time we've had a big, themed party, but it went really well and I think the kids all enjoyed themselves. So here's a run down of the party, starting with the prep work:

The Cake:

The boys' personal cakes

And now for the games:

The Guessing Booth:

We had 5 jars filled with different items. They each filled out how many they thought were in each jar and the one who was the closest won the whole jar.

The Milk Bottle Toss:

They got 3 tries to knock down all the bottles and won a different amount of tickets based on how many they knocked down.

The Balloon Blaster:

This was a popular one....they had 3 tries to pop the balloons by throwing darts at them. They won a ticket for each balloon popped (or one for trying)

Feed the Clown:

Basically a bean bag toss, but I was pretty proud of my clown :) Again, they had 3 bean bags to get through the holes and win tickets.

I had another game- The Fish Bowl- where they tossed ping pong balls into water filled bowls to win prizes and tickets, but I didn't get a picture of it pre-party.

Here's our Concession Stand:
Fruit kabobs, veggie plates, popcorn and cotton candy- which had to be brought out at one special time. We tried to have it out on the table, but it's so humid here it began to melt almost immediately.

And now it's party time!

Keeping cool. We had 3 misting hoses going to keep the area and the kids a little cooler. We used them as opposed to sprinklers to keep the kids from getting soaked. They did anyway....



The watermelon eating contest...

The 3 to eat the most won a watermelon...of course Cale was the winner....which we all predicted. He cleared his pretty quick considering he's missing 4 of his teeth, including his top 2.

Cakes and candles

Trading in tickets for prizes at the prize table

The loot...


Happy birthday, Boys!!

(Here's a link to some of the picture's my dad took...)


  1. I want to have a carnival party sooooo bad!

    Last year we had a back to school hoedown .... this year I'm thinking an end of summer carni bash.

    Where did you get your party decorations? I've seen a lot at Hobby Lobby & Oriental Trading.

  2. What GREAT party! Happy birthday! :)