Annika's Birth

I've had this post written for weeks and I have gone back and forth on whether or not I was going to post it. But here it is...

Annika's Birth

I was due on December 13th, which came and went with no baby. I usually go later than my due date, so that was no big surprise. But 9 days later we still had no baby and my doctor was getting uncomfortable being that far past 40 wks and I was a little worried about missing Christmas with the boys so I agreed to be induced on the 22nd. So early Wednesday morning we packed everyone up and drove to the hospital. We had to be there at 7am, and my dad was going to meet us there to help with the boys. I will say I wasn't in the best emotional state to start the day, I really didn't want to be induced and was uncomfortable with the whole situation. I have been through it before- both Cohen and Rylan. But I arrived basically in labor and they broke my water and I was done. This time my doctor knew I wasn't too happy with the induction so she was going with a slower route to try and kick my body into labor on it's own.

So here's the basic time line of our day:

7:00- Arrive at the hospital
7:30- Finish paperwork, start the IV- which hurt worse than just about anything else due to placement. My dad took the boys to breakfast
8:00- 3cm- which I had been at for weeks- and start the first dose of Cytotec.
I had to be monitored for 30 minutes before I could get up and walk around.
8:00 to 11:15- WAIT I had 3 hrs to wait before getting the 2nd dose. It was boring. Paul's mom showed up. I feel guilty for making everyone hang around waiting when nothing at all was going on. I have the same contractions I have been having at home for months. It's very annoying to be in the hospital NOT in labor. And I really just want to go home and wait for her to come on her own.
11:15- 4cm, 2nd dose of Cytotec
11:15 to 2:15- More waiting. Same contractions as before. Obviously not in labor. Everyone leaves to go eat lunch. I continue to feel guilty about making others wait. Everyone comes back, boys play, watch TV, go back and forth between our room and the waiting room.
2:15 - still 4cm, I ask about my other options. Emotions are getting the better of me and I can't stand sitting in a room full of people waiting for a baby when I am not in labor. Paul and the nurse try to tell me it's about me, not them. So we decide to go the quicker route. Pitocin. I have to wait until 3:15 to start it since it has to be 4 hrs from my last dose of Cytotec. So I get hooked up to the IV and they push a bag a fluid and call for the epidural- which I wanted before the pitocin. Then we wait for the fluid to run out.
3:15- Anesthesiologist shows up, talks to us and gets set up.

3:30 to 4:00- Epidural is in. I lay on my back waiting for the epidural to take effect. My blood pressure drops. They fix that. I can still move my legs, I am feeling contractions a *tiny* bit more often than before. If I were at home I would not think anything of them though and wouldn't even consider going to the hospital. Some where around 4:00 they start a small amount of pitocin on a very slow drip.
4:10- I am finally sitting back up, waiting for the epidural to take effect completely. My water breaks. Almost 6 cm.
4:20- 7cm
4:25- 8 cm
4: 27- 10 cm and I am told NOT to push.

I can feel the contractions. I can feel the baby. They tell me to blow not push. The nurses can see the baby. The doctor is on her way. They are just hoping I can wait, but the baby doesn't want to after about 10 min of not pushing....

4:37- Annika's here.
4:40- Doctor arrives

Paul's glad we did the induction. We'd been worried about her being born in the car this whole time since my labor with Lakin was so quick and we barely made it to the hospital. And if I had waited that probably would have happened since the once my body was in labor it was barely 30 minutes until the baby was born.

So that's the story of my daughter's birth. If I had to do it all over again I would have waited and risked delivering outside of the hospital or gone for the homebirth I considered in the beginning. My recovery both physically and emotionally have been much harder this time, and I think it is because of the negative emotions I experienced and associate with the labor and delivery. But, none of that really matters. What matters is the beautiful little girl sleeping next to me. The one who hardly ever cries and only wakes me up once at night. Who is 3 1/2 weeks old and seems to have grown so much already. And she will probably be just as spoiled as everyone says.


  1. I have never had my ideal birth, I am sorry you did not either. I am very proud of you, thanks for sharing. Next birth at home? Ask my mom about it she had me at home. I am sure she could tell you...

  2. I love reading birth stories, so I'm glad you shared yours. I have a hard time getting over the disappointments of births and I don't know why, because like you said, I have my kids and they're all fine. For me the problem was always that I wouldn't speak up. I just let everybody tell me what was going to happen and I wouldn't say anything even if I really disagreed. If there's ever a next time, I've decided not to worry about everybody else.
    Annika sure is a cutie!

  3. Wow, they should NOT be telling you not to push for so long; no wonder you are traumatized!

    I'm so glad your lil girl is ok though. She has such lovely little eyes. :)

  4. Thank you for the birth story. What a beautiful darling girl you have...are those the biggest eyes ever?? What a sweetheart!

  5. I've never been able to handle much more than my husband and my midwife (and her assistant) in the same room as me. Anything else and I know I would feel the same way you did. I actually prefer my midwife and her assistant to wait in the living room until the very end. I hate feeling like I'm on display!

    Feelings matter, though, so be gentle with yourself. It's a part of our experience of life. Enjoy your sweet little girl. It really does go so fast!

  6. Congrats on your new bundle of joy! That last photo is wonderful!

  7. I understand your feelings. Allow yourself to feel them and like you said, she is here, she is perfect, and YOURS!

    I love that last photo.