The Main Attraction

My boys have this collection of trucks:

That's close to 80 monster trucks. They are probably the most played with toy in our home. And if they are playing with something else these trucks somehow get worked into the game too. They also watch Monster Jam while eating breakfast most mornings.

So they were pretty excited when they heard that Monster Jam was coming to town. Last time the show was here the tickets were too much but this time they had $5 kids seats and that made it much easier to say yes to going. And last night was the night.

Actually it started Thursday when we stopped by the Advance Auto Parts in Alcoa to see Spider-Man...

Last night started with the "Pit Party". You know, getting up close and personal with the trucks and their drivers....and about a zillion other people. Crowds like that make me claustrophobic...and extremely nervous about losing someone. I think the boys were over the crowds too, but we managed to stop by most of the trucks.

With Grinder...

With High Maintenance...

With Predator...

With Prowler...

With Bad News Travels Fast...

The only one we didn't get to see up close was Grave Digger. He was surrounded, and if you know anything about Monster Trucks you would know he is a big deal...

Anyway, we made our way to our seats pretty quickly to get away from the pushing and shoving going on down on the floor. The show started with the Wheelie Competition:

They had Quad racing:

And the truck racing:

Here is one excited fan:

Okay, well not really, but she probably was pretty happy that she was held and fed nearly constantly for over 3 hours.

Back to the show. Motor bike jumps:

Donut Competition:

Then they got ready for their favorite part,


With lots of jumps

and falling over

and more jumps

And the winner is:


  1. So my boys were sooooo excited to see this post. They happened to be in the room while I was catching up on blogs and...well, they had to tell me the name of every truck you had a picture of and the technical term of every move they made. Thanks for making up for the fact we MISSED Monster Jam this year. :) Looks like you had a great time!!

  2. I bet they had a blast!
    You did a great job of documenting it, too--great pics. :)

  3. Larkin would have loved this. I tend to find out about these things after they're already over. Guess I'll just have to show him your pics.

  4. Good job on the ear plugs, mom. Especially in the little girl!