Christmas 2011

Today the boys were having an argument- about where our Christmas tree was located the year Cohen got his first bike. They like to argue about thing like that- you know the things that really matter.  Anyway- the solution to ending the argument? Right here. Lucky for them I document just about everything so a simple trip to the archives of December 2008 revealed that Cohen was right and Rylan was wrong. 
So just in case a couple years from now I need to know some little piece of information about Christmas of's the rundown. 

We spent Christmas Eve with my dad- where Annika thoroughly enjoyed a singing and dancing snowman...

 The boys spent a lot of time with their pastels and paints the week before Christmas making gifts for their grandparents.

Thanks to Pinterest, I had plenty of options to give them. 

I absolutely loved all of their artwork and have put in orders for them to make me one as well.


This one in particular- I think turned out so nice. Cohen painted it. I can see a set of 4 with all the seasons represented on my wall.


This next one with the 4 trees was Lakin's. It is one of the first pieces he's ever done that he completely painted. He usually doesn't have the patience. 

He also made this snowman- which he enjoyed most because he got to use my special, fancy watercolors and not just the tempra or crayola watercolors. 


I also made some of the gifts this year. Starting with these Ribbon wands for some of the little girls in the family and a few for friends. 

Lakin asked for one he and Annika got one on Christmas morning.

And of course I made treats too....

Cookies and Cookie Dough balls.

Then it's Christmas night and everyone is asleep-


On Christmas morning here at our house- the kids wake up one by one and they come into our room and watch movies on Netflix on the computer until everyone is awake- or until we say it is okay to go wake the last sleepyhead. 

Then it's stockings and presents.


Some of this year's favorites?


Klutz books- pipe cleaner critters and monsters.

The pedometer. Now they don't have to share the one we had and can constantly one up each other in number of steps.


Cameras. My mom got them each their own REAL camera. They have taken so many pictures in the past week and tons of videos. 



Lakin and Annika got their own cowboy hats. Lakin has been wanting one since Cohen got his for his birthday.


Cohen had to show him how a real cowboy face is supposed to look.

And one of my favorites from my camera. I have a whole series- where she walked up to Cohen- who was working in a dot-to-dot book- sat down, climbed on his back and pushed his head down. But this one looks like she's sweet and hugging him and not at all like she was screeching and attacking him for fun. 


  1. Lol ~ isn't it great when you can solve those silly arguments quick and easy! ;) Love the cowboy hats and those paintings are fantastic! I've been deliberately avoiding Pinterest, knowing it will suck me in... ;) Your penguin cookie is totally adorable!

  2. Wow! Looks like a fabulous Christmas at your place! I love that green camera! I can't believe she got them REAL cameras...brave woman! :)
    Their artwork turned out fantastic too.