Fun. Life. Holidays.

 Miss Annika will be one in 12 days.  A couple of weeks ago she finally decided walking wasn't so bad. Still not her favorite mode of transportation, but she's getting there. 

We had a Christmas craft get together with friends. We made cookie mix in a jar. Which a couple kids cleverly gifted to each other so they could eat the cookies. We gave one to a friend and one to the mail carrier and one is earmarked for Santa. 

And painted gingerbread ornaments.  They smell really nice, Annika has to carry hers around and smell it at least a couple times a day.

And time capsule ornaments.

Annika's scrunchy face. This is a mellow, happy version. When she doesn't get her way she scrunches it up completely and pouts. Apparently she gets this from me. Leave it to Paul to point that out. He said she gets it from me and I turned and said she did not....accompanied by my own scrunched up face. Guess I proved his point....

Paul graduated yesterday. The first in his family.

 After the ceremony...

 Wearing Daddy's hat...


Can you tell who is turning into a Daddy's girl?

 We stopped for a Christmas tree on the way home.

We've gone to the same farm down the road from our house for the past 8 years. The boys already have asked about finding a tree farm in NC. 

Decorating at home

We have collected a ton of ornaments over the past 10 years. The tree is so full, but each one has a story and a memory attached to it and I can't leave any out. 

The boys have gotten into playing around with the webcam and all it's weird effects. It's like the house of mirrors distorting their faces. I like this effect though- 

Annika was napping during my attempt to get us all in one picture....

Now I just have to get every one happy, dress and smiling at my camera so I can get Christmas card pictures.


  1. What an awesome post with lots of wonderful milestones and memories!

  2. Looks like you all had fun with the Christmas ornaments. Wish we could have been there. Congrats to Paul!! And your Christmas tree looks really nice. We bought a real one this year. It falls over and has ten million ornaments on it. But it smells nice! :)

  3. What a little cutie pie! I miss mine being so little <3 ~> We also love going and getting a real Christmas tree :) I wish we had a nice tree farm near by, but Lowe's is better then artificial lol!

    Keri- A homeschooling mom of 2 who is happy to cook, clean, and even do windows... just don't ask me to be my kids'creative writing tutor

  4. Awww, what a happy and festive post! Love the big beautiful tree and Annika is so stinkin' cute! :)