In my home:

The birds who have outgrown their indoor living spaces and no longer need a heat lamp. 

Including the lame guinea, who needs to be culled, but we just can't bring ourselves to do it.

And the a wild turkey poult, the last remaining of 4, taken from their nest by a well meaning person thinking their momma wouldn't come back. He can't be rehabilitated by a center here in NC, so it is up to us.

And the critters who end up in my milking bucket:

The big brown toad, whose reflection in the shiny steel bucket made the kids laugh for a very long time.

 And the tiny turtle who had a close encounter with a lawn mower. 

And earned himself a couple hours in the observation bucket.

Apparently he liked his reflection too. 


  1. Quite the assortment...the kids are getting a great course in animal husbandry!

  2. Lol ~ that big toad is my absolute favorite!! I love seeing families in touch with nature and their surroundings ~ we can learn so much from those critters! :)