Foraging for Berries

We are surrounded by wild blackberries. They grow around almost the entire perimeter of our yard. 

It's prickly work, but they boys have been going out in the afternoons to pick a basketful. We aren't getting quite as much now since the weather has been so dry.

But they are delicious. Especially with ice cream. That is if you can get any before Annika eats them all....

We found these earlier this week too. I think they are wild raspberries, but I haven't positively identified them yet. I have found a few places that have identified them as raspberries with pictures identical to this plant saying they are edible. I have also seen plants that look nothing like this labeled as such too. But I have read before that all plants in this family are edible.  I would like to be positive before we eat them.

Can anyone tell me for sure if this berry is edible?

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  1. Looks like wineberries to me. Yummy!!

  2. Yes, that does look like a wineberry. Wineberries are totally enclosed until just before ripening when the "leaves" around the berry open. They have a similar taste to raspberries, but more delicate flavor.

  3. We have blackberries ripening around the edge of the field behind our house and I can hardly wait until they are ready to pick.

  4. ooooh! i wish i knew how to forage better! that being said, blackberries grow like weeds on vancouver island (where i am) - so fresh berries are never too far away. :)

    I am co-hosting a new linky party called Fresh Foods Wednesday – i would love it if you’d come share this post (or any other CSA collections, farmer’s market hauls, garden harvests, seasonal recipes or related food rants) with us. Hope to see you there!

  5. That looks like so much fun and delicious! Your kids are going to have the best memories from doing this. When I was a kid, our job was to go out and pick black raspberries from the wild bushes so we cut put it on ice cream for dessert. The hardest part was trying not to eat them all before we made it in the house. Enjoy!

  6. Those are some gorgeous looking berries. I wish I had better grounds for foraging where I live.

    Thanks for sharing with the Fresh Foods Blog Hop!