Lots of growing going on around here....I have a ready supply of calendula. There is a quart of olive oil being infused by calendula sitting on my windowsill right now.

I will never understand the growth habits of zucchini. They have the ability to go from too small to pick to huge in a couple of hours. And they also have the ability to camouflage themselves. I mean, really, we go through the garden every morning and every night. How in the world do we miss those monster sized zucchini?

We topped the basil a few days ago since it was trying to flower. Picked a whole basket full, which we turned into a bowl full of leaves and turned that into a quart of pesto. Pesto rolls are on the menu tomorrow!

This dog is growing too. What I mean is that her expertise in escaping a fence is growing. This barricade was #4 I think. I think we finally got her though. It looked like thunder yesterday and she couldn't scale the fence! I am sure it's only a matter of days before she finds a new way....

This girl....she's growing too. Probably faster than anyone here. Her feet can almost fit in her favorite shoes. She has a box of hand-me down shoes....these ruby reds come out often.

 And her grows straight down into her eyes. And tiny little rubber bands and a mirror to see her pigtails in were just the ticket to get it out of her face without her pulling them right back out. She's stealing my headphones in that picture. She's a Taylor Swift fan.

Her vocabulary is going up. She's nearly potty trained. She's trying to give up her nap- though I am resisting that one.  She's got a tiny turtle in her hands....which she laid down in the grass with until she finally allowed it to crawl away.

And these boys. They are growing too. Just over a week until 3 of them turn one year older....and I will have an 11 yr old. And a 9 yr old. And a 7 yr old....

Seems like these kids are growing almost as fast as those zucchini!

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  1. Perhaps the zucchinis are just trying to catch up to the kids in your house!! Love the picture of the dog. :)