Garden Update: May 27, 2013

We spent the weekend staking tomatoes and pulling off suckers. We also planted more beans and squash. This year I am determined to keep track of what is growing where so I can actually see which varieties grow and produce the best. Since I grow so many different types, using markers in the garden get a little difficult. So instead I planted with my notebook and pen in hand then transferred the lists to the computer. 
This is our main tomato bed. It has 75 plants total and 19 different varieties, all heirloom. 

And this is my map. All items marked with an * are Rylan's plants.

Today Rylan and I planted the melon bed. Most of the watermelon bed belongs to Rylan. It's his baby this year and he has big plans. We have 60 plants total in the bed.

We also planted most of the bush beans and summer squash. We haven't put the okra in since we were expecting cooler weather, but now that is' back to the 80s, Okra is next to go in the ground.

We also finished up our eggplant, peppers and cucumbers.  And added some of our extra tomatoes on the end. Rylan is taking the suckers off his 3 tomato types and planting them in order to get more plants for less seeds. I've done this most years when I find huge suckers that were hiding from me. It works pretty well and is an easy way to increase the number of plants.

Here's the map to that bed. The extra spaces at the end are for the extra tomatoes.

How does your garden grow?

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  1. Wow! Your garden is huge. I love the spreadsheet idea to keep up with what is where! Do the boys have to take care of and chart their own plants or do you do that? This is giving me some good ideas! Thanks :)

    1. My oldest is almost 12 and has taken a much greater interest in the garden than in past years. He knows where his plants are better than I do....I have to refer back to the map in order to remember :) We all word together in the garden. I expect them to help with the weeding, harvesting, etc.

  2. It looks great! Best wishes for a bountiful harvest! Hope to see you back tomorrow at the HomeAcre Hop!