Rain, Rain, Rain...

It rained today. And yesterday. And a few days last week.  The clouds are low and the mountains invisible.

At least it is green now, which isn't quite as bad as the brown, muddiness of all the winter rains we had.

The yard seems to have turned into a series of small rivers and waterfalls. The creek has reached it's limit and overflowed.

The goats are cold. And wet. And pretty unhappy.

So are the chickens.  They sit on my milk stand in the shed, huddle in corners of the coop, or shiver in the goat's hay. Our top hat chickens look particularly pathetic.

 Not all of us are upset about the rain though. The ducks are having a wonderful time!

And tomorrow's forecast is rain. And the next day after that. I know in the summer, when it is hot and dry I will be wishing for rain. But for now, I am ready for it to move on and let the sun shine.


  1. Great photos! Even in the rain. ;) Hoping some sunshine will come your way soon!

  2. We had rain as well and Saturday was awful with all the high winds mixed in with the rain. Our chickens were soaked as well but it didn't seem to matter to them. The ducks and geese loved it though. The two geese that hang out in our pond brought their babies along with them Saturday and the boys loved that. Of course we had to get some pictures for their book :)

  3. I find myself thinking that way with the snow. Beautiful pictures! Too many cloudy days, trapped indoors can make me go a little crazy...hope you get some sunshine!