Maisy, Max and Marco

We had our first, and most likely only, goat kids born this past Sunday.

Our Nubian doe, Ivey, gave birth to triplets! 2 bucklings and one doeling!

Unfortunately, Max, one of the little bucklings was born with white muscle disease. Most likely due to a selenium deficiency. He couldn't support his weight and his legs were spread out behind him.

We brought him in the house the first night since Ivey kept accidentally stepping on him. We gave him a shot of selenium and he is improving.

 But since he missed his first 24 hours with his family, Ivey has decided that he doesn't belong to her. I have been able to force her to feed him- but she will only allow it while she is busy eating. He will most likely end up a bottle baby.

But they are so adorable. The [human] kids are enjoying loving on them!

From L to R: Maisy (white), Max, and Marco.

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  1. The baby goats are so cute!! Thank you for sharing the pics!