The Big Snow: February 11-13, 2014

 Before last week the biggest snow the kids had ever seen was about 5-6 inches back when Annika was a newborn.

Monday we got a quick 3 inches- which was great for packing! They made lots of snowmen and snowballs!

And took a snow shower :)

In Tennessee we lived on a very level lot, so sledding was pretty much out. Here we are lucky to be surrounded by hills!

Everything started to melt, but started back up again on Wednesday, snowing throughout the day.

 And we woke up on Thursday to 10 inches! Which we all immediately went out to play in- after brushing off the goat and alpacas houses, both of which caved in somewhat with the weight of the snow.

The animals weren't quite so thrilled with the snow- the chickens stayed inside for the entire week. And the goats shivered in their barns. 


 Later in the afternoon, as the snow began to melt somewhat in the sun, we went out to make this huge snowman and a snowfort.

And the best thing about southern snow- a beautiful winter wonderland last Wednesday- and today we are out in sunny, nearly 70 degree weather!

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