The Decision Has Been Made...

I have been randomly copying posts from my other blog all day, now I finally have a long enough minute to write up something current....

Birthday week is almost here....Next Friday my 2nd born turns 5, Saturday my oldest turns 7 and 3 days later on Tuesday my 3rd born turns 3. This is the year of the small family party and getting the 3 of them to commit to 1 central theme or 3 small cakes instead of 3 big ones has been a chore.

Every year we have a combined party, and I make each one their own cake. Here are the Cake's of Birthdays Past. I have had a lot of practice this year for cake's become a passion for me. I made one for Mother's Day, my youngest's birthday, a year-end banquet and an edible book contest I think I am up to this year's challenge. The inspiration for this year's cake:

That's right, a chicken. Not just a chicken, but a chocolate cake chicken, on a white cake nest, with carrot cake egg shaped cupcakes all around.

I have an idea of what I am going to do. I have the cupcakes and nest all set in my mind. I have my soccer ball shaped pan to do the body of the chicken, it's the head and tail I am a little worried about. At least there is icing to cover most any imperfection and to shape the cake a little more. And I did find this:

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  1. Wow! I love the chicken cake. And my son would flip for the Thomas cake.