Harvest Update- June

Total harvest for June:

52. 33 lbs

total for the year:
102.28 lbs

The tomatoes and cucumbers are coming in. We've been having this cucumber tomato salad a lot with dinner. It's great- 4 ingredients: cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh basil and onion. All from the back yard. We have a few cantaloupes, lots of peppers, the boys are excited that the corn actually grew this year- over my head. Usually it tassels at about 2 ft tall and never amounts to much. The sweet potato plants have taken over, I only wish I could see what was going on under the soil.


  1. Our sweet potato plant is HUGE! I keep wanting to try to put it in the ground but Don says that would kill it. Maybe I will add soil to it's hydroponic jar bit by bit until it can go outside. I don't know... tiz an experiment.

    Your garden stuff looks GREAT! My tomatoes are the size of a large marble and still bright green. Can't wait! :)


  2. Looking at your pictures makes me so HUNGRY!