Chemistry Unit- Lesson 11

Lesson 11:

Determining if a chemical change has occurred by observation of generation of heat.

1 tsp yeast, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, stirring stick, thermometer

Record beginning temp of the peroxide (67 degrees)

Mix yeast into the peroxide and stir
The mixture begins to bubble and fizz....another sign that a chemical reaction is taking place. If you keep your hands on the outside of the bowl you can feel it begin to heat up.

Record ending temperature (90 degrees)

They were actually pretty amazed by this one. I keep listing the ways to tell if a chemical reaction has taken place....they've seen the bubbling, they've seen the gas given off.....I guess they didn't really believe that heat could actually be created by just mixing 2 things.


  1. I like this experiment oh how I wish I had this on Tuesday. :)
    Thanks for sharing we may go back and review and do this one right away. :)

  2. Science experiments are always my favorite. You have a really cool blog!

  3. VERY cool! I was thinking of starting Chem next term....what curriculum do you use? I love your hands on approach. I especially love that you tackle chem with young ones. It truly develops a love for science and a taste for curiosity.