Fall Decorations....Boy-Style

The boys have been on a decorating kick lately. It all started with this:

They glued and nailed a bunch of old wood together added some paper ghosts and colored some little wooden bits orange for pumpkins...

We had a bit of disagreement on how to hang it. They were certain that it had to be hung from a rod that was attached to a hook that was nailed to the wall. I wasn't about to nail a rod permanently to my wall. I told them they could just hang it by string from an existing nail in the wall....but apparently the rod was non-negotiable. They worked it in...and did hang it from the existing nail.

This witch started as a cutting practice for Cohen while the older boys were doing book work. I drew all the pieces and he cut them out and glued them together. Then he strung it in the kitchen with a couple ghosts...

Rylan made one soon after and hung it from the highest part of our ceiling.
Cale's hangs from our dining room light...We finally got pumpkins this year too....Cohen and Rylan picked out white ones that we will cook and eat after Halloween. But he didn't want a plain old pumpkin....

Here's Cohen's finished pumpkin complete with witch hat, yarn hair, feet, arms and Cohen sized hands.

Rylan kept his more simple with a drawn on face...

Cale wanted an actual jack-o-lantern...

Which we carved today


  1. very artistic, I like it. Wish you a nice week.

  2. Oh I love it! We have been doing the same thing... You are reminding me to post on it before the season is over. I LOVE the rod stuck on with pipecleaners... esp the green ones. Those are the coolest!