The Sweet Potato Harvest

This past Tuesday we dug up the sweet potatoes. The above picture is about half of the larger bed....we also had a smaller bed. 40+ plants in all.

The boys and I pulled vines and dug the roots on the smaller bed while Paul worked on clearing the mess of vines on the larger bed.

The mosquitoes were horrible. The ground on the larger bed was really packed, which made it much harder to dig them up without snapping them in half.

But we got a good amount. I haven't weighed them yet, they are all sitting in a heap in front of our fireplace right now curing.

I'm still not sure about the white flesh. The texture is different too. But having never grown these before, I don't know if the sticky texture will go away as they sit longer. They do make good biscuits, just not quite as fluffy as the orange one we had before. I am not sure if we got all of them out of the ground. It started to rain and Lakin started to look like he had chicken pox from the mosquitoes so we had to go in.


  1. Oh wow! Those look fantastic! Try mashed sweet potatoes... you mash them just like regular ones, and then add in carmelized shallots at the end. To DIE for... and the starchiness is great becasue it makes a nice texture.

    Wish I was closer so you could pawn some off on me to test in recipes.



  2. Hello Sadie,
    Just wanted to let you know you won Barracuda's Memory Box blog giveaway!!
    You won the DVD fun in motion.



  3. Looks like a great harvest. Here's a sweet potato recipe I love:

  4. My mom visited your blog from mine and said your potatoes looked great. She said the white sweet potatoes do have a different texture but after you cure them they should get less sticky.

  5. I am enjoying your blog very much! It's different than reading my traditional dessert blogs.

    You are very cool.

    Keep up the good work with the harvesting.

    I will bookmark you now!