It's been really nice here lately. You really can't beat 60s and 70s in February. Of course I fully expect winter to return, but for now we are enjoying being outdoors. Today's agenda: garden, chickens, goats.

Paul tilled up all of our garden beds so I can start planting. Peas, radishes and greens will go in tomorrow- assuming the little lady of the house allows me to do so.

Rylan raked them all smooth, ready for the chicken manure to be added.

Next order of business was mucking out the chicken house and spreading grass seed in the goats yard.
If we can keep the chickens- aka grass destroying machines- out of their yard they will have much more options on what to eat.

Of course I felt a little useless today....since this is what I looked like most of the afternoon.

It's hard to rake out the goats shed with her right there...

And because it's been's Annika. Almost 2 months old already.


  1. Holy moly for cuteness! Looks like you're getting plenty done!!

  2. We are also turning to thoughts of gardens. :) Yours is looking good.

    Those eyes of hers are amazing.