Fine Art

Our group met this week for some fine arts activities. We started with music and discussed the different instrument types. They got to view instruments from the different families and play a couple of them. We also played a couple games where they had to sort instruments into their families and listened and watched Peter and the Wolf.

Then we moved onto art and a drawing based on those of Amedeo Modigliani. I found this lesson on Art Projects for Kids.

They divided up their papers to help in getting the correct proportions. Then they drew the different parts of the portraits in sections.

I found it amusing that the littler ones stayed more real,

While the older ones added a little more artistic flair to theirs.

Except for the girls, theirs turned our very true to life. Here are all of the finished pieces:


  1. I love that last photo that shows all the finished pieces! They're beautiful and colourful.

  2. Sarah, i really love the art project - they turned out great.